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Andreas Weigend, Social Data Revolution | MS&E 237, Stanford University, Spring 2011 | Syllabus

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Code for America? Code for Chocolate! Seriously, the Fair-Trade Los Angeles based stone ground chocolate company called ChocoVivo is trying to bridge the gap between the online and the offline. Contact: Patricia Tsai and Alex Conn: Patricia@chocovivio.com 310 463 7878 and Alconn@gmail.com 713 828 0409

When a consumer has a real-world product in their hand the problem is that there is no easy way to track what happens to it. Where does the product end up: is it just consumed without being shared, or is it passed on to friends and family? How does word-of-mouth spread and effect sales?

The opportunity is to design a tracking system that would allow companies to know not just who their customers are but to also know what their customers do with their products -- who they give the product to and even who they talk about the product to.

This could be achieved by using Q.R. codes and other "point of capture" methods to get a range of consumer supplied information such as geo-location and temporal data. Ideally these product data points could be merged with "mutual confirmed friends", friend tie-strength and other opt-in demographic/psycographic to build social network maps, to understand where the path of the product and the path of the consumer cross.

Internship at Allstate in Menlo Park.

Contact Diana Yi at (650)833-6293, dyiaa@allstate.com
The Allstate Research and Planning Center (ARPC) in Menlo Park, CA has an excellent internship opportunity for students in behavioral, social sciences and management science. Interns will have the opportunity to apply their analytical expertise to real-life data and help answer challenging research questions in the insurance industry. The ARPC is a small, independed and innovative group with the support of a large corporation. We offer the perfect combination of basic research projects and real business problems, as well as the time, tools and environment to effectively tackle both. You will be exposed to discussions about the latest trends in many areas of life (e.g. culture - social networks, technology - telematics / smart homes, demographics - aging population), and will explore their impact on the insurance industry. A sample of potential projects include:
  • Understand online individual and group behavior and the drivers of change in behavior
  • Develop apps to connect to our online customers
  • Contribute to development of a social data strategy
  • Classification analysis of social data
Interested in applying? Go to http://www.allstate.com/careers/job-search.aspx and search for job 000DG1.


Ron Chung, ronchung@gmail.com
  • Pre-funded startup building a smart online personal assistant to manage and organize your social communication (Facebook, email, Twitter, newsfeeds).
  • Looking for CS/NLP students for founding team and continue building out product & technology.

Paul Tran, paulgtran@gmail.com
  • Lead business analytics and strategy for emerging mobile platform adoption and integration across multi-channels.
  • Consult for New York based startup connecting avid food lovers with premium restaurants through preferred pricing.

Events (free tickets, etc)

  • Free for revolutionaries: Andreas is giving a keynote about the Social Data Revolution at the Data 2.0 conference in San Francisco on April 4 and can get Social Data Revolutionaries in for free -- but you need to put your name down here by 5pm on Saturday April 2