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DF4: JustNear.Me and QR Codes
Due: May 5th, 2011

In class on April 26th, 2011, you each received a T-shirt with JustNear.Me QR codes. Rio Akasaka is the founder of JustNear.Me and we will be using his QR code platform to perform interesting social data analysis throughout the rest of this class, specifically on the last assignment, HW4 (to get an idea of what HW4 will be about, look at

For this DF, here's what you need to do (remember that this DF is a setup for what you're going to do in the final assignment, HW4, so please invest some time into doing this well):


  1. Make sure to get a QR code T-shirt (handed out in class)
  2. Signup for a JustNear.Me account.
    • Go to
    • Type in your email.
    • You must make sure to use the promocode "SDR"
    • Activate your account, and then create a code. Use "interaction code" and leave all other fields as is for now (you can fill out the title of your promotion page as well as the description, but leave everything else as is).
    • Once you click "Create", you'll be shown a QR code. Ignore this code and move onto the next step (activating your T-shirt's QR code).
  3. After you have created your JustNear.Me account, activate your T-shirt
    • Scan the QR code using a mobile QR code reader (see a list of mobile QR code readers below).
    • If you don't have a QR code reader, borrow a friend's mobile device.
    • You will be taken to a page to activate your QR code and link it to your JustNear.Me account.
  4. Get familiar with the JustNear.Me interface (sample screenshots below).
  5. Perform at least 5 scans of your QR code (by your friends). Note that your friends MUST CHECK-IN with their Facebook profiles and must share their location in order for the scan to count. The reason we are very strict on this is because by forcing students to associate themselves with an online identity (like Facebook) we prevent students from potentially cheating and either scanning their QR code themselves hundreds of times, or just handing their QR code to their friends and having their friends scan it hundreds of times. Rio promises that his platform won't mess with any of your friend's Facebook data if that's what you're really concerned about =).
  6. Learn how to download visitor scan data (QR code analytics) for your QR code.

If you have any problems with this part, please contact Rio himself either on his cell (724-252-7252) or by email at He'll help you get around any registration/QR code activation issues if you encounter any.


Start thinking about how you can use your QR code to promote a cause or build interesting real-world & online-world games. Keep in mind that how you use your QR code will be directly related to your tasks for HW4 (details to be handed out next Tuesday or Thursday).

Please go to and write a paragraph describing how you want to use your QR code to promote a cause or build a game - essentially how you want to try and make the contents of your QR code go viral!

List of QR Code Readers