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Andreas Weigend | Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University
Social Data Revolution | MS&E 237 (Spring 2011)
Time: Tue, Thu 4:15PM - 5:30 PM | Location: 200-303 (History Corner)

SYLLABUS (aka home page
Why the Social Data Revolution? The amount of data generated by people doubles roughly every 1.5 years. The plummeting costs of creating, gathering, storing, distributing, and indexing data have a tremendous impact on the expectations of individuals as they create and share information about themselves and their relationships with others, both in a C2W context (consumer-to-world, e.g., Twitter) and a C2C context (e.g., Facebook). This has ignited the Social Data Revolution.
This course will discuss the new data sources, and how can they be used to create value for individuals, business, and ultimately society.
  • Instructor: Andreas Weigend (, @aweigend,,
    Office hour (sign up): Tue 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM in Andreas's office (Huang 354, 475 Via Ortega, located on the NE corner of Panama Street and Via Ortega, behind the Y2E2 Building), and by appointment. Please drop me an email, and if you think you should have received a response but didn't, then text or call (650) 906-5906.
  • Course assistant: Jason Wei (
    Office hour: Mon 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM at Coupa Cafe (near Meyer Library, not near Y2E2)

Class-by-class schedule

The schedule is also at Assignments are at noon on the dates given in this class-by-class schedule.


Please follow @socialdata for short updates.

Deliverables Due:

  • HW4B (extended to Friday June 3, 2011 at noon) [aweigend]

What can you do?

Grading policy (total 100 points)

  • 10: Wiki_Assignment you signed up for (1 x 10 points)
  • 12.5: Other wikis you contributed to, and class participation
  • 17.5: Dogfoods (7 x 2.5 points each)
  • 60: HWs (4 x 15 points each)
  • 20: Possible Extra Credit
Given the selection process for this students in this class, this class will not be graded on a curve.


Mining the Social Web: Analyzing Data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Other Social Media Sites is important for the first two homework assignments.

Student representatives

The class representatives were elected in the first week of the quarter to serve as liaison between instructors and students.
  • MS&E: Aldo Briano <>
  • GSB: Sameh Mohamed El Amawy <Elamawy_Sameh@GSB.Stanford.Edu>
  • Other graduates: Andreas Nomikos <>
  • Undergraduates: Lucas Duplan <>

They form the class advisory board that meets four times during the quarter:
  • April 19 (8pm Pasta?)
  • May 3 (8pm CoHo)
  • May 27 (8pm San Francisco)
Please talk to them about any feedback and suggestions you might have!

Directions to the classroom

For guests, the following information might be useful: If you come by car, a convenient parking area is the street parking (you need to pay until 4pm) in front of the Cantor Center for the Visual Arts (328 Lomita Drive, Stanford CA 94305). After parking, walk for a few minutes (continuing in the same direction) towards the central part of campus. The first real street you will reach (not counting the street at the museum) is called Serra Mall
  • If you want to go to the classroom directly, turn left on Serra Mall. The class is in the leftmost corner of the Quad, Building 200 ("History Corner")
  • And if you want to grab a bite or a cup of coffee, turn right on Serra Mall and cross the street to get to Bytes Cafe, located at the ground floor of David Packard Electrical Engineering, across the street from Gates Computer Science.