Andreas Weigend, Social Data Revolution | MS&E 237, Stanford University, Spring 2011 | Course Wiki

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Student 1
Student 2
Student 3
Class 1: 03-29
Alan Guo
Chris Sholley
Arash Ghodoosi
Class 2: 03-31
Shalini Kurian
Mike Leatherbee
Yusuf Celik
Class 3: 04-05
Jason Yu
Benjamin Ying
Alex Cheng
Class 4: 04-07
Class 5: 04-12
Sean Rose
Elliot Babchick
Mike Reilly
Class 6: 04-14
Asha Gupta
Tim Holley
Becky Nixon
Class 7: 04-19
Ruchi Varshney
Eva Petrova-Ibarria
David Kim
Class 8: 04-21
Yushu Zhou
Yingnan Liu
Fontaine Foxworth
Class 9: 04-26
Shinjini Kundu
Derek Lim
Lucas Duplan
Class 10: 04-28
Alice Yenan Chen
Mary He Yang
Emma Medjuck
Class 11: 05-03
Louis Lecat
Aldo Briano
Léo Grimaldi
Class 12: 05-05
Sameh Elamawy
Liying Yue
Andreas Nomikos
Class 13: 05-10
Patrick Lai
Kan Cao
Alireza Forouzan
Class 14: 05-12
Jonathon Klemens
Brian Bulcke
Yi Liu
Class 15: 05-17
Addy Satija
Misrab Faizullah-Khan
Phyo Si
Class 16: 05-19
Rhampapacht Vorapatchaiyanont
Sebastiaan Boer
Suthinand Jirakulpattana (Pao)
Class 17: 05-24
Rahul Gupta-Iwasaki
Huan Liu
Bhaskar Garg
Class 18: 05-26
Anand Iyer
Michelle Dadourian
Karthik Venkateswaran
Class 19: 05-31
Joachim Lyon
Ari Evans
Rhampapacht Vorapatchaiyanont(Joy)