Andreas Weigend, Social Data Revolution | MS&E 237, Stanford University, Spring 2011 | Course Wiki

Assignments: Homeworks

Hey everyone! This page of the Wiki is a list of the four homework assignments you will be responsible for this quarter, as well as the teaching staff's learning goals for each assignment. Remember, the homeworks are worth 60% of your grade in total, with each homework counting for 15% of your grade. At the end of the day, we want these assignments to open your eyes to the exciting world of social data, and get your hands dirty with some practical API-based programming as well as data analysis.

HW1 - Identifying Social Trends

Learning Goals:
  • Learn to install and program in Python
  • Learn how to use the Twitter-Python API
  • Learn how to write simple web scrapers using the BeautifulSoup library
  • Learn how to do basic frequency analysis of the text

HW2 - Influence on Social Networks

Learning Goals:
  • Learn about the concept of influence in social graphs
  • Design different ways to capture influence, and understand their properties
  • Understand how to evaluate an influence model
  • Learn about OAuth
  • Learn to use the Twitter-Python API from HW1 on a much deeper level
  • Learn how to implement the different measures of influence using Python

HW3 - Facebook Social Network Analysis

Learning Goals:
  • Think about different engagement metrics for Facebook users
  • Learn to about similarity matrices and their applications to social networks
  • Learn about hierarchical clustering algorithms and their application to social networks
  • Learn to access the Facebook Graph API / FQL using Python
  • Learn to implement various clustering algorithms using Python

HW4 - Social Marketing Incentive Design, featuring QR Codes

Learning Goals:
  • Learn about geo-location and its applications
  • Think about the idea of "bridging the real and digital worlds"
  • Learn about the concept of virality / gamification
  • Think about various online incentivization techniques to increase both virality and engagement
  • Learn about various geo-location visualizations (i.e. heatmaps)