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DF7: Virtual App Contest

Due date

24 May 2011 at noon. Jay Nath, Director of Innovation City of San Francisco, will be coming to class that day


Open data initiatives across the world have dramatically improved access to machine readable data resulting in enhanced government transparency, accountability, public participation and collaboration. Increasing access to government datasets has encouraged citizenry, the business community, and academia to create innovative civic tools and applications at no additional cost to government.

One of the goals of this project is to expose the City & County of San Francisco leadership to innovative ideas by providing clear examples of how city data can not only create direct value to their mission but have social and economic impact as well. The other goal is to identify datasets that have not been released that can unlock tremendous value. Your submissions will be sent to City of San Francisco leadership to help improve access to data.

Specifically, propose an application, visualization, analysis or other work that fulfills a social need utilizing government/city data. Your concept should not be limited to datasets that are currently available on ; your project should focus on what you think new data sources San Francisco should share and how you envision it impacting society. The proposal can include a variety of media such as diagrams, wireframes, audio, video and working prototypes (not required). The submission will be evaluated by leading members in the open government community and selected based on originality, design, societal value, and overall presentation.

In the Google Form below, please include the following for your application design idea:

  1. Virtual App Name
  2. Summary (140 characters max)
  3. Detailed Description (i.e. features, instructions on how to use the app, discussion of primary app use cases, etc)
  4. Datasets you would use / specifics for desired datasets (source, structure, etc)
  5. Audience
  6. Social Value/Impact


Please submit your idea on the Google Form found:

Optionally, for those who go ahead and start programming their application, you can send screenshots of your app prototype to Jay.Nath@SFGOV.ORG

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