Andreas Weigend, Social Data Revolution | MS&E 237, Stanford University, Spring 2011 | Syllabus

Table of Contents

Here is an initial list of possible speakers and topics. Please comment. Thanks!
People in bold will come to the class.


Ben Black (Big Data, FastIP)
  • technologist, worked with, data guy, triangulation and geolocation

Bradley Horowitz (Google)
  • Google VP, Product Mgmt. Involved with acquisitions (e.g. Yahhoo acquired Flickr). Interested in user*experience.

Jay Nath (City of SF,
  • SFPark: congestion pricing

Jeremy Stoppelman (Yelp)
  • cofounder/ceo of Yelp.
  • decisions made based on shared data through user reviews.

Kevin Kelly: (Connecting Data)
  • Founder of Wired magazine.
  • understand/think about technology in real, meaningful way
  • new book about technology called What Technology Wants

Matt Russel (Mining the Social Web)
  • computer scientist and author of class text

Michael Tchao (Nike+, iPad)
  • former Stanford student.
  • invented Nike+, initially a device attached to/embedded in shoes and a corresponding app that allows people to share their exercise data
  • launch iPads

Mike Sha (Wikinvest)
  • sharing financial data
  • went to Harvard
  • how ppl think about their financial data
  • was in charge of payment products at Amazon, Credit Card cobranding (Amazon Visa card)

Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn)
  • founder of LinkedIn
  • formerly VP at Paypal, responsible for external relations
  • invovled with early funding of Facebook and Zynga

Sean Parker (Spotify)
  • famous for being played by Justin Timberlake in the film The Social Network
  • cofounded Napster and Causes
  • involved with Spotify, a streaming media service available in Europe

Tim O’Reilly (data owndership)
  • classicist by training
  • owner of the O’Reilly publishing
  • invented term "web 2.0"

Tom Glocer (Thomson Reuters CEO) and James Powell (Thomson Reuters CEO)
  • in the data business
  • concerned about the future of journalism

Tony Hsieh (Zappos)
  • CEO of Zappos
  • Co-founder of LinkExchange
  • Author of wonderful book "Delivering Happiness" about his entrepreneurial experiences


Angel Investors

Venture Capitalists

Privacy (Danah Boyd, Cynthia Dwork)
  • Cynthia: crypotologist: studies how to identify people in supposedly de-personalized data
  • Danah Boyd: great writing. look her up

Group buying (Living Social, Groupon)
  • Localization
  • Everybody is a marketer!

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